Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time Flies

So I had every intention of posting right after we moved in with all the juicy Christmas updates. However, the move got pushed back and back and then getting settled into our new routine and then Clark preparing to leave on his quest for is now April and so much has happened.

December: Christmas was nice, we were still at the rent house...the boys got a really cute play kitchen and some toys and clothes...nothing over the top. Finally retired the dying minivan and got a 06 Saturn Vue--pretty blue.

January: We moved into the house Mom inherited after a couple of delays. It is so nice to be somewhere where you can paint or hang pictures without fear of repercussions. It is a totally new neighborhood and so we are having to drive a bit to visit any of our friends--but it is worth it.

February: No big updates...boys being boys.

March: I turned 33 on the 13th. Clark left for MN to try and get some work....fingers crossed. The boys continue to grow and get into monkey mischief as expected.

April: At last, we are caught up. Have both the boys on insurance at last. Ace had a heart murmur detected and have him an appointment with Cardiologist, and then Charlie has one detected two...prayers that it is all okay. Charlie turned one...I will do a full post on that once I get some pics uploaded. Ace has to get a speech evaluation from the school district to see if his speech delay is really a speech delay. I love bureaucracy.

Ok--that is the quick and dirty update. I am planning...and we all have seen how that goes .... to post a birthday update and some pics from the last few months for all to enjoy.

Here's to my good intentions and hope to post again when at least one boy is napping.

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